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LEGO Rack Focus DIY Rig & Zoom Control Rig for a Canon 60D 18-135mm

by on Jul.26, 2012, under How To Build, News, Other, Other Stuff, Smugg Knife Projects

It has been a long time since anyone has posted something on this website.  It was because we were on hiatus.   We are now back and we are planning and prepping for a new project.  If time allows we will be posting updates similar to this one, showcasing some of the more inventive and useful things we do, use, and build.

LEGO Follow Focus & Fine Zoom Adjuster

This rig allows fine and accurate control over the focus and zoom of the 18-135 mm kit lens that comes with the Canon 60D.

The left set of 2 big gears moves the focus ring. The right set of gears moves the zoom ring. The gears have knobs off of either side of the rig that allow very fine adjustments. The bottom two gears in the picture are simply hand holds, to make it easier to turn. Same goes for the ring thing at the top of the photo.

With some other LEGO blocks that have battery packs and motors you can even drive these gears with power.

– The zoom and focus are completely independent.
– The rack focus is especially nice on the 18-135mm lens because of the very small range of movement for the focus ring.
– Attaches to a mount on the hot shoe of the camera.
– Easily modifiable, since it is made of LEGO.

 The adjuster gears fit into some LEGO chain links that I have attached to the 18-135mm lens.  I was able to conserve chain link by not making piece of LEGO chain that went all the way around the circumference of the lens barrel.  What I did was use a rubber band and a perfect length of chain that leaves a couple extra links on either side of the extremes of the movement for the lens.
LEGO Chain on a 180135mm Canon Lens
This next view show how tall the rig needs to be.  The mount that fits in the hot shoe I will have to take pictures of later.  But it is a piece that came off of a Photography and Cinema Pico Dolly.  It fits into the hot show and has two circular nuts that are fairly wide.  The LEGO brick is squeezed in place via these two nuts.  This is the only non LEGO piece in the entire rig.


LEGO Follow Focus & Fine Zoom Adjuster - Side View


More photos of the rig and some test footage using the rig will be soon to follow.

– Knife

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